English is the international language of communication and is often considered the lingua franca of many regions. It is the third most common first language, and is used as the official language in many countries. Learning can benefit individuals as it will provide new opportunities for growth. It is a widely taught second language in many countries; therefore use of it will allow you to be understood globally. This is your opportunity to learn the language and make your summer a more enriching and worthwhile experience.


Where and When?

Our Language Villages are conducted with culture-specific design and decoration at the Adventure Campus in Treuchtlingen. It is in the heart of the beautiful nature park Altmühltal, which offers well equipped seminar and group rooms and comfortable housing arrangements. It is an ideal location for a language experience both in the classroom and in the outdoors.

Course start date: July 27th, 2014

End Date: August 9th, 2014

***Please note: this is an annual summer school. Save the date for next summer (first two weeks of September-same place)


Who Can Apply?

Basic understanding of the language is a pre-requisite for this course. Learners are expected to be able to able to communicate using simple terms and form sentences, ideally they should be able to introduce themselves and describe their backgrounds.


Teaching Method

The program will be conducted with a blend of intense class room sessions, cultural activities and experiences. Our classes are taught in the ‘Total Immersion’ philosophy which is both informative and fun filled. Students are typically expected to attend 5 hours of classroom training. Students are engaged in various activities and show which help them broaden their knowledge about the English language and current trends.


Course Schedule

The Language Village has three major elements: Daily routines (meals, sports and evening recreations), Language Courses, and Culture (seminars, shows, games, and events). We understand that two weeks is a limited time period to master any language. Therefore, our content has been prioritized for learners to get the maximum value out of this. The language instruction includes:
Speaking (85%) 
Writing (10%) 
Grammar (5%)


Program Fees

Registration fee:           100 €    (non-refundable)

Course fee:                     300 €

Materials fee:                 50 €

Room and Board:          595 €

Curricular Activities:     100 €

Guided Activities:           95 €     (optional)

Total Tuition fees:         1240 €


 ***IUN World Participants Total 595€ plus Materials Fee

***Special Language Villages can be customized for companies – please contact us directly for more information.


Credits and Certification

Students who successfully complete the two weeks language school will be granted a certificate from University of Applied Management. The number of ECTS credit points accumulated for this course is 4.